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Our Founder

Our visionary founder Mr. Tawassul Hussain (1937 – 1994) was inspired by the healing power of natural herbs.

Tawassul Hussain graduated from Punjab University with Bachelors of Pharmacy in 1959. Being a man of extraordinary courage, determination and resilience, he persisted with his endeavors for carving out a career pathway in the pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan.


He worked for various local pharmaceutical companies before joining Boots Pharmaceuticals as their Factory Manager in the 60’s. Having served in a Senior Position, he garnered vital experience and expertise of the industry before he ventured out to establish and successfully run Macter Pharmaceuticals in 1970. It was sold as a profitable enterprise in 1983.


With his keen sense of business acumen and an intricate understanding of the Pharma Industry dynamics, Mr. Tawassul Hussain was considered amongst one of the finest pioneers. Apart from Macter Pharmaceuticals, he helped establish various pharmaceutical industries in Pakistan which are leading names today.


The year 1986 was a major turning point in the life of Mr. Tawassul Hussain. He pooled all his resources coupled with over three decades of top management cadre experience to take the bold step of establishing his own Phyto Pharma business known as MEDICS LABORATORIES. Medics was established with 100% owners equity and to date remains a completely loan free organization.