Herbituss Syrup

List Of Ingredients

Herbituss Syrup

Quick Relief from Cough – Nature’s Way!

HERBITUSS Syrup is a natural non-sedative cough syrup.

Key Product Attributes:

• Natural and safe cough remedy

• Has a soothing effect on throat muscles under stress

• Gently removes accumulated mucus

• Non-drowsy ingredient used in product formulation

• Is sugar-free and hence can be used by diabetics

• Contains Marshmallow, Fennel, Licorice, Malabar and Mint extracts


Productive cough Cough with bronchial and nasal congestion Allergic cough

How it works:

Herbituss contain herbs which help in excretion of phlegm by making it thin. Herbituss also eliminate throat irritation. Herbituss has bronchodilatory effect. Herbituss has anti-inflamatory and anti-bacterial and antiviral effects. Herbituss has decongestant, soothing and demulcent properties.

Directions for Use:

Infants: Under 1 year ½ teaspoonful Children: 1-6 years 1 teaspoonful 6-12 years: 1-2 teaspoonful Adults: 2-3 teaspoonful 3-4 times daily.