FC Forte Syrup

List Of Ingredients

FC Forte Syrup

Every Menstrual Cycle, NOW Cramp-pain Free!

F.C. FORTE Syrup provides effective and safe pain relief in primary dysmenorrhea. Also improves the quality of life by reducing the intensity and duration of symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome.

Key Product Attributes:

• Ensures a pain-free menstrual cycle

• Reduces anxiety, irritability and anger associated with premenstrual syndrome

• Reduces abdominal bloating

• Prevents weight gain due to water retention


Primary dysmenorrhea Premenstrual syndrome

How it works:

F.C. Forte works in Dysmenorrhea as an analgesic, anti inflammatory and antispasmodic agent. It reduces pain due to excessive uterine contractions because of its anticholinergic effect on smooth muscles of uterus. F.C.Forte has an analgesic effect on uterine muscles due to presence of active alkaloids Hyoscyamine, Codiene and Fenchon. F.C.Forte is also effective for premenstrual syndrome due to its CNS depressant and anticholinergic activity that treats associated symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and provides mental relaxation.

Directions for Use:

2-3 teaspoonful twice a day. FC Forte should be started 3 days prior to menstrual period and should be continued up to 15 days. The course should be repeated every month till symptoms disappear.