Digas Colic Drops

List Of Ingredients

Digas Colic Drops

Soothing & Dependable relief from Colic, Trusted by Mothers

DIGAS COLIC DROPS are a dependable and trusted choice of nursing mothers for colic relief in infants. Gentle and safe formulation featuring a combination of herbs well known across centuries. DIGAS COLIC DROPS have a proven efficacy in gastro intestinal disturbances. Contains Fennel, Mint, Ginger and Cardamom along with other herbs.

Key Benefits:

• Reduces crying episodes in infants

• Quickly relieves abdominal distention due to excessive gas buildup

• Ensures a peaceful night’s sleep

• Gentle and safe combination of herbs


Infantile Colic Flatulence Abdominal distention Nausea and vomiting

How it works:

Digas Colic Drops have strong antispasmodic action. It increases gastroduodenal motility and exerts spasmolytic activity by relaxing smooth muscle cells.

Peppermint leaves extract help in release of entrapped air by reducing the tonus of oesophageal shpincter.

Directions for Use:

For infants up to 6 months 3 – 6 drops four times a day. For children between 6 months to 1 year 8 – 10 drop four times a day.


20 ml