Medics Inhaler

List Of Ingredients

Medics Inhaler

Breathe IN the Goodness for INSTANT Cold Relief!

MEDICS  Inhaler clears the stuffiest nose and eases breathing.

Key Benefits:

• Convenient and easy to carry stuffy nose remedy

• Makes breathing easier by clearing stuffy nose

• Clears Sinuses with head congestion

• Contains powerful essential oils Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Camphor, and Menthol


Blocked nose associated with the common cold or with allergies.

How it works:

MEDICS Inhaler helps relieve the symptoms of a blocked nose associated with the common cold or with allergies. It contains a combination of aromatic decongestants such as menthol camphor, eucalyptus oil and wintergreen oil, which when inhaled relieve stuffiness in the nose and help make breathing easier.

Menthol also has a cooling effect.

Directions for Use:

For Nasal Inhalation Adults and children over 6 years:

MEDICS Inhaler is used by inserting the inhaler into each nostril, holding the other nostril closed and inhaling deeply.

It can be used as frequently as needed.

Children under 6 years: Not recommended.


1 ml Inhaler stick